The Amazing Secrets of Get Rid Of Moobs

Published: 22nd June 2010
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How long have you been avoiding public swimming pools and beaches due to your moobs problem? Worry no more as you about to find the secret to ways to get rid of moobs.

There are two types of moobs. The first type is called gynecomastia (medical term) which is caused by excessive glandular tissue in the chest. The second type is pseudogynecomastic (not genuine gynecomastia) which is made up of chest fat. More than 90 percent of moobs problems are pseudogynecomastic, ie. excessive of fat in their chest. You can refer to your doctor to know the type of your moobs or perform self-check at the end of this article.

The fastest way to get rid of it is through surgery. The surgeon will remove off the excessive fat and glandular tissue. Even though the success rate of this method is very high but it is not for everyone and it does not guarantee it will not relapse due to fat. Other constraint of surgery is the high cost and it is not covered by medical insurance. It is also not suitable for teenager, as normally the moobs for these adolescents will disappear once their have reached their adulthood.

The second most popular way is to take medicine which can reduce man breasts. Example, novaldex drug is used by bodybuilder to counter side effect of man breasts after intake of steroid. It is advisable to check with your doctor before purchase them from over the counter pharmacy.

There are other alternative and also preferred ways to get rid of moobs. Even though, you need courage and patient to work out these methods but they will eventually lead you to healthy life. You should exhaust these methods before considering for surgery.

You need to adjust your diet as most of the man breasts are caused by excessive fat. Reduce intake those food which promote fat build up and increase intake more healthy food which can reduce fat. Eat less energy than you burn, which will make you body use your excessive fat in your body for burning. Avoid those foods which can promote hormone estrogen (female hormone) as this will aggravate your moobs problem.

You need to take sufficient water based on recommended daily consumption per person. You also need to ensure the water is not contaminated with some hormone which will promote the growth of moobs.

You should take supplement which can promote more balance of hormone, particularly for teenagers and bodybuilders.

Exercise plays a vital role in get rid of moobs. Knowing the right combination of exercises will burn the fat fast and reduce your man breasts. Exercise will also increase your ratio of hormone testosterone against hormone estrogen, as the higher of this ratio, the lesser chances of getting moobs.

Promote Healthy lifestyle
You need to stop intake any abusive drugs or steroid as these will promote moobs. Some of these drugs which cause reduce production of hormone testosterone in your body.

Practice these alternative ways can ensure you are free from moobs for longer term. Find out the types diet, supplements and exercises to speed up your journey of get rid of moobs from the following website.

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